W:O:A 2017 Report – Day 2 (04.08.2017)


Özay: Although filled with absolute highlights, the second day allowed us quite a comfortable window. We made use of that allowed time with meet & greet and Wackinger Village & shopping tours. Volkan met Sanctuary and Memoriam, took loads of photos, made friends and we even got autographed goodies. Wackinger Village was as fun as ever and we spent quite some time in the Wastelands, banging alongside some fun industrial metal. Our (rather extensive) shopping tour was frequently interrupted by the trademark Wacken downpour but that allowed us more time to look through in the shops we took shelter. Amazing stuff there. Loads of (hard to find) CD’s & vinyl, gorgeous clothes & accessories and whatnot. I almost bought a super cool metal leather jacket but the tight-arse in me got the upper hand and I didn’t. Maybe I should’ve.


Volkan: I consider myself a big Bolt Thrower fan (well, not as much as Kürşat can be) and I regret not ever being able to watch them live. They disbanded soon after the passing of drummer Martin Kearns in 2015. Karl Willets, the legendary death metal vocalist, formed another band called Memoriam together with the ex-Bolt Thrower drummer Andy Whale and they released their first album in 2016. They naturally sound like Bolt Thrower but somehow something is missing. I don’t know if it is on purpose or because they cannot get the same vibe but the two bands are not alike. To me Memoriam sounds weaker but that could be me.

Anyways, this was a good opportunity to watch the mighty death metal veterans although under a different name. They have only one release and played songs only from that album. It was very early when they took the stage and they played before a few people by Wacken standards. Karl Willets jokingly complained about their early stage time during our meeting at the meet&greet session. He is a very nice guy and was kind enough to autograph my Warmaster CD cover together with Andy Whale.


Volkan: As much as I love the band, they clashed with Memoriam and I had to make a tough decision. Well, Memoriam won because of my deep respect for Bolt Thrower, but I was really sorry to miss Kadavar all the same. We literally ran to Kadavar soon after Memoriam was done and was able to catch the last song which was a blast. They have huge energy and as a three-piece band they know how to make the most of their instruments. Add the beautiful arrangements and a charismatic vocal, and voila! I hope I will be able to fully watch them some other time.


Özay: The experienced Wackeners that we are, we can now catch the early noon shows. Lacuna Coil took stage around 12, we were around and thought why not. They had some quite decent songs back in the day but I must tell you, few things on the face of our awesome blue and green planet go sour as quickly as LC does. While the overall structure of female vocal-led light metal is listenable though generic, as soon as the mallcore sections kick off, blood from your ears starts oozing out.

Volkan: Blood started oozing out of my ears pretty quickly. As much as I love Cristina Scabbia, I can’t stand Andrea Ferro’s vocals. We gave it a listen for the sake of the band’s good old days and songs which were not obviously enough to keep us going.


  1. Ultima Ratio
  2. Spellbound
  3. Die & Rise
  4. Heaven’s a Lie
  5. Blood, Tears, Dust
  6. My Demons
  7. Ghost in the Mist
  8. Trip the Darkness
  9. Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
  10. Our Truth
  11. Nothing Stands in Our Way
  12. Zombies
  13. The House of Shame


Volkan: I could never imagine the sorrow I would feel when writing about Sanctuary. Nevermore is/was one of my all-time fave bands and luckily for me I had got to see them twice before. This was my first Sanctuary show and I was really excited for the experience and to see Warrel Dane one more time – who would have thought that it would be the last :(. The band delivered their best in a quite early time of the day to dedicated fans. As you all know, Warrel Dane passed away on December 13th , 2017. Wacken 2017 performance of Sanctuary was the last show Warrel Dane put up, and that’s why this show will never be forgotten and become a part of heavy metal history. I hope we will be able to see the whole show on a DVD as a tribute to a great voice of heavy metal.

I had met Warrel Dane at Wacken 2014 when he performed with Nevermore. This time, after the show, I waited the long autograph queue just to get another photo and autographs on my CD collection from Dane and co. As I put down my Nevermore CD covers in front of Warrel Dane, he began signing them and Attila Vörös (the guitarist) pointed to one of the albums (probably Dreaming Neon Black, don’t remember now) and said that it was his favourite album and asked me which one was my favourite. I named Dead Heart in a Dead World and The Politics of Ecstasy as my favourites to which Warrel nodded and said “I guess I would have to agree with you”. Now, you never know if it was a courtesy statement or his true opinion but it certainly made me feel good to share the same thing with him. Even if it was courtesy, it means that he is (was) kind to his fans. We will miss you greatly Warrel. Thank you for the fantastic albums and your amazing sorrowful yet aggressive voice. You will live on in our hearts as much as Dio, Lemmy, Chuck and all the others we have lost. Farewell…

2017-08-04_(0868)_Wacken_Day2_Sanctuary Autograph



Volkan: The band has quite a number of albums in their career but I, personally, got into them with their Sword Songs. Although I like double guitars, I am a fool for three-piece bands (Motörhead, Sodom, Kadavar, etc.). They simply rock and this cannot be a mere coincidence. Similarly, Grand Magus, with their simple yet catchy tunes got me in their web. The show was really awesome and everybody in the tent sang along, which was a sight to see.


  1. I, The Jury
  2. Varangian
  3. On Hooves of Gold
  4. Steel Versus Steel
  5. Like the Oar Strikes the Water
  6. Forged in Iron – Crowned in Steel
  7. Iron Will
  8. Hammer of the North


Özay: Seriously? (Probably) the greatest black metal act ever on stage, what could possibly be sweeter? Photo pit pass is. After waiting out the intro (the oath) and the mind blowing show opener “Ye Entrancemperium”, I was about half a metre away from the stage, taking pictures and witnessing the colossal black metal happening right in front of me. Emperor is what it always has been, making a full stage presence and electrifying the whole audience. It was simply an honour to take a front seat. Ihsahn is a rare human being in being so incredibly talented, creative and influential all the while being so humble and human-like in his appearance. He obviously takes his art seriously, but not himself. He humbly thanked all the bands that he shared the stage with, as well as the audience for our support and just was a kind man all through. Just the fact that they still bestow concerts upon us, so many years after they disbanded is commendable. Thank you.

Volkan: Dude, you f***in’ look like Ihsahn.


Intro – Alsvartr (The Oath)

  1. Ye Entrancemperium
  2. Thus Spake the Nightspirit
  3. Ensorcelled by Khaos
  4. The Loss and Curse of Reverence
  5. The Acclamation of Bonds
  6. With Strength I Burn
  7. The Wanderer


  1. Curse You All Men!
  2. I Am the Black Wizards
  3. Inno a Satana

Outro: Opus a Satana


Özay: A major heavy metal event would be incomplete without the old and grumpy Dave Mustaine and his merry men; just face it. You may know each line, riff and solo by memory, you may have watched them umpteen times, but still, fucking Megadeth. An interesting point; we’re used to bands saving their more kick-ass songs towards the end but so many bands kicked off with them now. Megadeth? Opened with Hangar 18. Sweet. Once you are as industrious as Megadeth, selecting a setlist will be headache, and even with 16 songs some classics will be left out but I always will rue omission of the unbelievably underrated Youthanasia.

Volkan: Hangar 18!


(Intro) Prince of Darkness

  1. Hangar 18
  2. Wake Up Dead
  3. In My Darkest Hour
  4. The Threat Is Real
  5. Sweating Bullets
  6. Conquer or Die!
  7. Lying in State
  8. Poisonous Shadows
  9. Trust
  10. Fatal Illusion
  11. Tornado of Souls
  12. Dystopia
  13. Symphony of Destruction
  14. Mechanix
  15. Peace Sells


  1. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

(Outro) Silent Scorn



Volkan: This was where Özay and I had to split so that he could watch Marilyn Manson – yes, seriously. I headed for the humble tent for the good old Candlemass and I must say it was worth it. It was the last day of the show and I was not in a mood to bang my head – fortunately that’s not a requirement for Candlemass. I just leaned on the rails and flew myself away and above to the transcending tunes of the band. This is the doom metal I like: heavy doom. Not beauty&beast bullshit doom. You (or we) can be a fan of Messiah Marcolin but Matt Leves sang very nicely and his awesome t-shirt read: “He is not the Messiah. He is a very naughty boy”.


  1. Intro (Gothic Stone)
  2. The Well of Souls
  3. Codex Gigas
  4. At the Gallows End
  5. Samarithan
  6. Intermission (Marche Funebre)
  7. Dark Are the Veils of Death
  8. Mourners Lament
  9. Bewitched


Özay: I was so badly torn apart between (a once in a lifetime opportunity to see) Candlemass and MM. As a boy growing up, I listened to my MM CD’s and kept listening about his incredible on stage antics. So I had to see that. And as the selfless WackenTurk team, we could cover both shows so I grudgingly sent Volkan to see Candlemass and stayed. Oh how wrong was I. After such dedicated performances from the more seasoned musicians (like Megadeth & Accept) and also before the 69 year-old Alice Cooper sent us to school, what we had here was a fattened, bored, tired and disillusioned version of an artist formerly known as Marilyn Manson. After appearing about half an hour late, playing the depressed teenager’s anthem “The End” in its entirety, and fuming the entire audience, they finally took stage in such underwhelming and under-impressive fashion, playing one song and resting for one. There’s a stupid saying that goes you shouldn’t live your childhood dreams. I saw Nine Inch Nails and it was fucking amazing.

Volkan: No, thank you.


(Intro) The End (The Doors song)

  1. Revelation #12
  2. This Is the New Shit
  3. Disposable Teens
  4. Great Big White World
  5. The Dope Show
  6. No Reflection
  7. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics cover)
  8. We Know Where You Fucking Live
  9. Say10
  10. The Beautiful People
  11. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

Day 3 coming soon… (yeah, right)


W:O:A 2017 Report – Day 1 (03.08.2017)


Özay: Our day 1 shift wouldn’t start well until 4 pm (Ross the Boss) but still we managed to get up early, having rested after a relatively light opening day. So we made the most of it by a lazy morning of acclimatizing and VIP tent relaxation.


At the dawn of day 1

Volkan: While hanging around at the press tent, we came across Mr. Thomas Jensen, the founder of W:O:A and after a brief greeting during which I have showed him Wacken Turk website, he asked me to join them in their tour across the festival area accompanied by some journalists. After they finished their filming, I had some more time with him giving him the details about the website for which he seemed very impressed.

2017-08-03_(0093)_Wacken_Day1_Thomas Jensen.JPG

Volkan with Thomas Jensen

Following this lucky encounter, we took our time strolling through the metal market to take a look at the metalhead clothing, accessories and records till a massive burst of rain raged through the whole festival area. We were fortunately in a tent which sold metal patches and had to wait for some time till the rain dwindled down a bit (see the video below).

Make no mistake; even dwindled down rain means massive mud all over the place from which we got our fair share although not as much as the guys below.

We watched a couple of songs at the Wackinger Stage by Fuchsteufelswild at the end of which we decided the band was not our cuppa tea. We, then, moved on to the infield to watch the first act of the day: Ross the Boss


Özay: Obviously one of the highlights of 2017, the Boss, one of the genuine 4 kings of metal himself reigned supreme, playing all the early era Manowar classics, previous to him being forced to leave the band. Granted we did not see Eric Adams or the “multilingual” Joey DeMaio on stage, but his band made it feel quite like the good old Manowar we grew up with. Except the over-the-top masculinity, that is. By the time it was “Battle Hymn” I was already in euphoria and lost a good deal of my voice but seriously, ending with Hail and Kill made the teenager metalhead in me cry tears of joy. The complete setlist is as follows:

  1. Blood of the Kings
  2. Death Tone
  3. The Oath
  4. Blood of My Enemies
  5. Kill With Power
  6. Sign of the Hammer
  7. Fighting the World
  8. Battle Hymn
  9. Hail and Kill

At the end of the show, the Boss was inducted in “Hall of Heavy Metal History” and “Global Metal Ambassador Award” by Thomas Jensen (in conjunction with Hall Of Heavy Metal History founder and CEO Pat Gesualdo) in an emotional ceremony. And we were there to witness it.

Volkan: I don’t have much to add here. It was my second Ross the Boss show and it always makes me happy to sing along to Manowar no matter who’s playing the songs. They did a good job, indeed. It was just the sort of fuel we needed to get us through the exhausting concert traffic of the day.


Özay: The Swedish rockers Europe is not your typical Wacken band, but this would not stop them from appearing every now and then. And the crowd shows such a liking to the veterans, who showcased their most Wacken-worthy songs and a respectable energy and dedication despite their age (you know who I’m talking about).

The setlist:

  1. War of Kings
  2. Hole in My Pocket
  3. Rock the Night
  4. Scream of Anger
  5. Last Look at Eden
  6. Firebox
  7. Sign of the Times
  8. Ready or Not
  9. Nothin’ to Ya
  10. The Beast
  11. Superstitious
  12. The Final Countdown

Volkan: I admit that I am a The Final Countdown “Europer” (European?). I am not a huge fan but I respect them all the same. Their performance was real kick-ass and Joey Tempest still runs on full energy. It is always good to see such big acts delivering the goods.


Özay: This was a band I really wanted to see live, and I even convinced Volkan to miss the last few songs of Europe, including the quintessential final countdown. I have known the German black metal act for their atmospheric structure and stretched out songs but obviously they have opted to perform their more blast-beat filled headbanging tracks. Honestly, as much as we tried, we just couldn’t get ourselves going due to the ever-off-beat bass drums, which might also be due to faulty sound checking.

Volkan: meh


Volkan: This was probably my third Accept show and it was simply awesome. In fact it started as a regular show with the bands classics as well as the new songs from the latest album (The Rise of Chaos) which came out on the exact day of their performance. Later on came the special part of the show where Wolf Hoffmann took the lead and delivered a magnificent performance together with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. You all know Hoffmann’s inclination for classical music and this was probably the pinnacle of all his performances. He dominated the stage and the fans as well as leading the orchestra. Mesmerized, we (yes, even Özay) had no other option than to watch him in awe.

Such kind of specials shows is what Wacken is famous for. Savatage 2015, Samael 2015, and Amorphis 2015 are similar examples. I hope they will keep on doing special shows every year.

The setlist:

  • Die by the Sword (World Premiere)
  • Restless and Wild
  • Koolaid (Live Premiere)
  • Pandemic
  • Final Journey

Wolf Hoffmann solo with Czech National Symphony Orchestra

  • Night on Bald Mountain (Modest Mussorgsky )
  • Scherzo (Fryderyk Chopin )
  • Romeo and Juliet (Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev )
  • Pathétique (Ludwig van Beethoven )
  • Double Cello Concerto in G Minor (Antonio Vivaldi )
  • Symphony No. 40 in G Minor – K.550 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart )

Accept with Czech National Symphony Orchestra

  • Princess of the Dawn
  • Stalingrad
  • Dark Side of My Heart
  • Breaker
  • Shadow Soldiers
  • Dying Breed
  • Fast as a Shark
  • Metal Heart
  • Teutonic Terror
  • Balls to the Wall


Özay: Again, I managed to convince Volkan to miss the last part of Accept’s setlist, to make it in time for Batushka. Quite frankly, this is what I came for. I was totally unaware when their sole full-length came out in 2015. Possibly nothing could prepare you for that. Then I watched some videos of their stage presence. Then I found out that they’ll be playing on the W:E:T Stage. I was happy as a kid at the last day of school. Brujeria was playing at the Headbangers Stage as we made our way as close to the front as possible and as they were wrapping up with “Macarena” (seriously) they were quite past their time and had curtains closed on them. Then appeared the band with three chanters, all in cloaks, on a totally darkened and fog-filled stage, among candles, skulls and Orthodox icons. My heart was pounding. The music started ever so slowly as the lead singer entered, swinging a censer, filling the tent with the smell of incense. He started by blessing all of his audience, and continued his ritual theatrics in every instrumental parts / between songs, with such self-esteem and profession. Pretty hard to put in words, but as they went their way through the entirety of their sole album with mechanical precision and energy, I felt uplifted. It was almost a religious experience, until the 8th “Yekteniya”, whose last bit was disgracefully cut short by closing curtains.

The setlist:

  1. Yekteniya I: Ochishcheniye
  2. Yekteniya II: Blagosloveniye
  3. Yekteniya III: Premudrost’
  4. Yekteniya IV: Milost’
  5. Yekteniya V: Svyatyy Vkhod
  6. Yekteniya VI: Upovane
  7. Yekteniya VII: Istina
  8. Yekteniya VIII: Spaseniye


Volkan: Napalm Death and Mayhem played one after another and we had to choose one stage-front to hold on to and the decision was rather straightforward: Mayhem. This meant that we had to watch ND from the very narrow angle in front of the next stage (see the photos below). ND was just like the drunk friend you can’t help liking: angry, friendly, straightforward and cool!

They played their classics among curses to this leader or that corporation as was expected of them. Barney and co. are still young as ever and it’s always nice to see them live.

The setlist:

  1. Silence Is Deafening
  2. Smash a Single Digit
  3. How the Years Condemn
  4. When All Is Said and Done
  5. Continuing War on Stupidity
  6. Scum
  7. The Kill
  8. You Suffer
  9. Siege of Power
  10. Dear Slum Landlord…
  11. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
  12. Suffer the Children


Özay: I will refrain from saying anything about Mayhem. Or “De Mysteriis dom Sathanas”. Or the living legends Hellhammer, Necrobutcher and Attila. This was simply one of a lifetime event and we got to see all those. Hellhammer’s hypnotic battering and Attila’s mesmerizing stage presence and antics. Freezing Moon. Buried by Time and Dust. Funeral Fog. The whole deal. What a night.

Volkan: This was what I was looking for since the announcement of the band. Not only was it about seeing Mayhem live but also listening to probably the best black metal album ever in full. Wow! The performance was stunning. Especially listening to Hellhammers’s pounding was a thing to see. We were so lucky to have our perfect spots in the front row and the whole show seemed to me a huge piece of a puzzle filling a long-open void in my humble history of live show experiences. Funeral Fog, Freezing Moon and all the others… To top it off, I managed to catch Teloch’s guitar pick.


Özay: 3 totally overwhelming concerts tired the living matter out of us, and then it was Nile’s turn. By that time we were considering options to sit down. Still, we managed to enjoy the constant battery that is Nile, as much as humanly possible.

Volkan: We could only listen to a few songs, and then beat-up, we headed for the tent hoping that it hadn’t been leaking rainwater.

W:O:A 2017 Report – Day 0 (02.08.2017)


2017-08-02_(0001)_Wacken_On the Bus from Berlin to HamburgWe left Berlin for Wacken early enough so that we wouldn’t have to rush. Everything went smoothly until we arrived at Wacken main gate. As we were supposed to go to the press check in point to get our press passes – which is about 4 kms away – we took a taxi. We gave the address to the driver and asked if he knew it. That was because not many people go to that check point and we just wanted to make sure. He said he knew it in the most confident way. As you can imagine, he was lost many times but still refused to listen to our directions. He did not even have sat-nav on board. Long story short, we arrived at the checkpoint – which is actually a 5 minutes’ drive – after about 45-50 minutes.

Özay: The journey to Wacken is such fun. We usually do the shopping around Hamburg’s train station, but you may wait until you get to the town of Wacken and save yourself some energy. Mind you that this is a risky move and if you can’t reach Wacken really early you will find the single store pillaged by fellow metalheads. Once you reach Itzehoe by bus, you will see the line for the Wacken shuttle after a brief walk. And that is most of the fun. The passengers, as yourselves, will be quite pumped up and at least ten “Wacken” screams may be expected.

We got the passes and the next step was to go to the camping area which was again about 20 minutes on foot. We hit the road and were doing well until the wheel of Özay’s trolley suitcase literally melted away on rough surface (Ö: yes it did). That slowed us down even more and it was late enough when we finally made it to the camp. We would like to thank Liese and her friend, whose name we could not catch, for their company and help carrying our bags.


Özay: Travel light, children. If you prefer wheelies, make sure they can withstand the abuse. Large silicon covered wheels should do the work.

We quickly set up the tent and got settled. No matter how quick we were at settling in, we were already too late and we missed a couple of songs at the Flotsam and Jetsam show.


It was the first act we wanted to see. It does not mean much for Özay but he had nothing better to do. I had wanted to see this band for so long and finally they were on the Headbangers stage. They had a very short stage time and they delivered their best to make the most of it. The setlist was as follows:

  1. Hammerhead
  2. Me
  3. Life Is a Mess
  4. Hard on You
  5. I Live You Die
  6. Iron Maiden
  7. Desecrator
  8. Dreams of Death

We missed the first three songs and started with Hard on You. It was true. The journey to Wacken was rather hard on us. I went totally wild on all songs. No Place for Disgrace is my favorite Flotsam and Jetsam album the show included 4 songs from this excellent release. It was an awesome opportunity for me to finally watch them. As far as the American thrash metal goes, it was probably the only band I had not seen live and now I get to put a check next to their name. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a Dark Angel reunion and seeing them live to complete the American Thrash metal list.

annihilatorI am sorry for having to resort to a cliché but Jeff Waters is a true one-man army. The way he interacts with the audience, his kind Canadian manners, coupled with his top-notch guitar skills blew me away once more. Their setlist featured all-time classics and one new song (Twisted Lobotomy) which was jaw-dropping.

  1. Suicide Society
  2. King of the Kill
  3. No Way Out
  4. Set the World on Fire
  5. T.Y.D.
  6. Twisted Lobotomy (new song)
  7. Alison Hell
  8. Phantasmagoria
  9. Encore: Human Insecticide


Now you all know the classics. No need to go into much detail. But Twisted Lobotomy deserves some extra mention. Jeff introduced the song stating that

“I played ballads and slow songs once. But as the time passed, I realized that I don’t wanna die playing soft songs. I want to thrash”

Well, it is not the exact wording but it meant something like this. And when you hear this from Jeff, you would normally expect some speed/thrash fury like human insecticide and so on. But what came out was truly shocking. It was the fastest and most brutal Annihilator song I have listened to. It sounds like Sodom’s Obsessed by Cruelty or Kreator’s Pleasure to Kill! Jeff sings in harsher vocals than we are used to hearing from him. It is so old school, neck-breaking fast and catchy. I guess it would be a permanent song on Annihilator’s forthcoming setlists. I hope the whole new album would be that good. In case you are wondering, you can listen to a video-shoot of Twisted Lobotomy from Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2017 here:

Özay: Annihilator did just what was expected of them, thrashing the stage with such fun. And he even apologized for that, in true Canadian fashion.


W:O:A’ya götürmeniz gereken 15 şey / 15 things you should have with you at W:O:A 

Kol saati / watch

Konserleri veya imza saatlerini kaçırmamak için çok dakik olmalısınız. Running order ve saat takibi bu yüzden çok önemli. Kol saatiniz yoksa sürekli cep telefonuna bakmak zorunda kalacaksınız; bu da Wacken’da çok kıymetli bir şey olan şarjınızın bitmesine sebep olacaktır. Normalde kullanmıyorsanız da dandik bir tane alın geçin.

You have to be very punctual not to miss the concerts or autograph sessions. That’s why it is very important to keep track of time and the running order. Without a watch you will have to check the time on your mobile phone. That will eventually drain your battery which is a very precious thing at Wacken. Even if you normally do not use a watch, just buy a cheap one for the fest.

Running order çıktısı / print out

Mutlaka cebinizde olması gereken bir şey. Artık Wacken mobil uygulaması da aynı işi görüyor ama siz yine de şarjınızı boşa harcamayın. Çıktıyı alıp sevdiğiniz grupları işaretleyin. Göreceğiniz gibi mutlaka çakışmalar olacak. Bir gruptan diğerine nasıl yetişebileceğinizi yine running order sayesinde kestirebilirsiniz. Bazı sahneler yan yana iken bazılarının arası 10 dk yürüyüş gerektiriyor. Ayrıca aralıksız konser izlemeniz mümkün değil. Boş vakitler de en az konserler kadar değerli. Çok yorgun olduğunuz bir anda hiç sevmediğiniz grupların sahne almasına çok sevineceksiniz. Mutlaka kendinize dinlenmek için vakit ayırın. Tüm planınızı running ordera göre yapın.

Keep it in your pocket at all times. In fact, Wacken mobile app now does the same thing but there’s no need to drain your battery for that. Get a print out and highlight your favourites. As you can see, there will inevitably be clashes. You can only get an estimate of how you can make it from one stage to another with the running order. While some stages are next to each other others are about a ten-minute walk apart. Besides, you simply cannot watch concerts all the time. Free time is just as valuable as the concerts. You will be surprised to see how happy you will feel when there are the bands you don’t like on stage at the moment of your greatest fatigue. You must spare time for yourself to rest. Make all the planning according to the running order.

Kafa lambası / headlamp

Kamp ve çadır tecrübesi olanların bileceği üzere çadır alanları iplerle örülüdür. Gece vakti çadır alanında yürürken iplere takılırsanız hem düşebilir hem de çadırlara zarar verebilirsiniz. Alternarif olarak el feneri de iş görür ama bu sefer bir elinizi meşgul etmiş olursunuz. Kafa lambaları 15 TL civarına bulunabiliyor.

As those of you with camping experience would know well, the ground is filled with tent ropes. You could trip over those and / or damage the tents at night. Alternatively, a flashlight would work but that would keep your hand busy. You can get a headlamp at around 15TL.

Çöp poşeti / garbage bags

Eğer çadırınız ciddi şekilde su alırsa içindeki her şey (çantalarınızın içindekiler dahil) sırılsıklam olur. Yağmurlu havada çadırın içinde hiçbir şeyi açıkta bırakmayın. Sırt çantalarınızı çöp torbalarının içinde koyun. Çanta dışındaki eşyalarınızı paketleyin ve hatta su almayacak şekilde bantlayın (bkz: koli bandı)

If your tent leaks, anything that’s inside, including the contents of your backpack, will get soaked. Do not leave stuff uncovered in your tent during rain. Put your backpack in a garbage bag. Pack your stuff outside your backpack and make them waterproof (see: packaging tape).

Koli bandı / packaging tape 

Yukarıda bahsettiğimiz su geçirmez paketlerin yapımı için koli bandına ihtiyacınız olacak. Koli bandı olmadık anlarda ortaya çıkıp hayatınızı kurtarabilecek bir nesne. Bir örneği için bkz: su geçirmez bot yapımı.

You will need it for the waterproof packs mentioned above. Packaging tape will save your life. See waterproof boots tutorial for an example. 

Balıkçı çizmesi / fisherman’s boots

Wacken’da birçok insanın ayaklarında bunlardan göreceksiniz. Eğer taşıyacak yeriniz varsa mutlaka alım derim. Wacken çamuru ile başa çıkabilmenin en iyi yolu bu. Festival zamanı Wacken köyünde 30 Euro’dan sattıklarını hatırlıyorum. O yüzden, gelmeden önce almanız daha isabetli olacaktır.

Not: Infield artık çamursuz olacak ama diğer alanlar yağmur yağdığında mutlaka çamurlu olacak.

You will see them on lots of people at Wacken. Certainly bring a pair if you have room. They are the best in handling the Wacken mud. During the festival, I remember them being sold at 30 Euros. Therefore, it is wiser to buy them beforehand. 

Note: Thankfully, the infield area is now mud-free but the rest of the grounds is sure to be muddy come rain.

Buzdolabı poşeti / fridge bags

Kirli ve temiz kıyafetleri ayırabilmek, diş fırçası, sabun vs taşımak için çok pratik olan bu poşetlerin bir fonksiyonu daha var. Eğer balıkçı çizmesi almadıysanız ve ayakkabınız su geçiriyorsa çorabınızın üzerine bu poşetlerden giymek ayaklarınızı kuru tutacaktır. Yine bkz: su geçirmez bot yapımı.

These bags are for lighter duty use, such as sorting laundry or carrying toiletries. You may also use them to wear over your socks unless you have fisherman’s boots. See again: the making of waterproof boots.

Silikonlu ayakkabı tabanı / silicone soles

Wackena gitmenize en çok ayaklarınız üzülecek. Onlara çok iyi bakmalısınız. Eğer ayakkabınız çok rahat değilse mutlaka içine bir tane koyun.

You have to treat your feet very well. Unless your boots are extremely comfortable, buy a pair. 

Konserve yiyecekler / canned food

Wacken’da çok çeşitli yemek seçenekleri mevcut. Dönerden Çin yemeklerine kadar bulabiliyorsunuz. Eğer sürekli bunlardan yemeyecekseniz konserve yiyecek ve plastik tabak, çatal, bıçak vs. alın. Cam şişede konserve getirmeyin.

You may find a wide range of food choices at Wacken, from döner to Chinese. Unless you will frequent the kiosks all the time, bring canned food along with plastic plates and utensils. Avoid glass containers

Kuru yemiş / dried fruit and nuts

Wacken tam bir dayanıklılık testi. Yağmur, çamur, toz, toprak, uzun yürüyüşler, uzun kuyruklar, headbang, koşturmaca derken pil normalden hızlı bitiyor. Sürekli yemek stantlarına gidip yemek yerseniz grupları kaçıracaksınız. Dolayısıyla kendinizi en pratik şekilde tok ve enerjik tutmak zorundasınız. Yanınıza birer paket fındık, badem, kuru incir gibi kuru yemişlerden alırsanız üç gün kesintisiz kafa sallayabilirsiniz.

Wacken is a survival test. Rain, mud, dust, soil, long walks, long queues, headbanging, running around will certainly get you exhausted. If you constantly visit food stands you will miss bands. Therefore, you will have to keep yourself full and energetic in the most practical way possible. Bring along a pack of nuts and dried fruits (house selection: figs) and you will keep on headbanging three days straight. 

Şapka / hat

Beyzbol şapkası değil, tam siperli avcı şapkası getirin. Boynunuza asmak için ipi de olursa harika olur. Şapka sizi hem güneşten hem de yağmurdan koruyacak önemli bir detay.

Not a baseball cap, a full cover deerstalker hat. Preferably with a rope. A hat will guard you against the sun and the rain. 


Buff bir marka olsa da kastettiğimiz şey motorcuların ağızlarına sarkılları bez parçası. Buff kuru ve sıcak festivallerde oluşan devasa toz bulutunu yutmamanız için gerekli.

What we mean is the collar cloth motorists wear around their mouth. Buff is necessary to avoid the dust that occurs in dry and hot festivals.

Sıcak tutacak kıyafetler / warm clothes

Wacken güneş battıktan sonra adeta bir Erzurum’a dönüştüğü için mutlaka yanınızda kalın kıyafetler getirin. Termal içlik gibi giysiler yardımcı olabilir

Wacken is near the Denmark border. At night, it may drop well below zero. Make sure to bring warm clothes along. Thermal clothing will help a lot.

Yağmurluk / raincoats

Çok açıklamaya gerek yok. Varsa getirin. Yoksa iyi bir panço da işinizi görür. Rossmann mağazalarından 5 Euro’ya panço alabilirsiniz.

No explanation needed. Bring one if you have. A good poncho will also help. You may buy one at 5 Euros from a Rossmann.

Çakı / pocket knife

Kamp hayatının vazgeçilmezi. Özellikle yemeğinizi kendiniz hazırlayacaksanız çok gerekli. Onun dışında da bir çok alanda faydasını görürsünüz. Ancak çakıyı sadece kamp alanına sokabilirsiniz. Konser alanına (Infield) sokamazsınız.

A must for camping. Especially if you will prepare your own meals. Quite useful besides that. You may bring it in the camping ground but not into the Infield. 

W:O:A 2017 Preview


The 28th Wacken Open Air will take place between August 3rd and 5th, 2017. The show is sold out for the 10th time in a row (if my memory serves) and it will host amazing bands again. You can read below our preview and comments for our personal highlights. Please remember: There are 150+ bands and these here are just a few – mainly the headliners. The complete list of billing bands are here: http://www.wacken.com/en/bands/bands-billing/.

As regards the facilities, W:O:A has totally taken it to the next level with the newly set-up drainage system and the unique beer pipeline. Wacken is famous for its rain and mud but with the installation of the new drainage system less water accumulation is expected in the Infield area. The beerpipeline, which cost € 1m, will help the ground stay even by way of eliminating the need for beer trucks rolling into the festival area. It is also expected to minimize the beer queues and waiting time.

The long list of great bands and the newly introduced infrastructural developments are the reasons why you should be there this year again. See you at Wacken. Rain or Shine!

If Wacken is a game, Accept definitely has the home advantage as the pioneers of German Heavy Metal. They destroyed the stage in 2014 and I am expecting a similar show this year as well. The W:O:A website announces the band with the note “Very Special Show”, which will feature an orchestra. I am expecting a night to remember with Accept classics combined some songs from their upcoming album “The Rise of Chaos”.



What can one say about him? He was there when nobody else was and he’s still kicking ass. I watched them years ago in Istanbul and the show he put up on that relatively small stage makes me wonder what he will do at Wacken. Only one way to find out…



The Vikings are always a highlight of the festivals and they are always fun to watch. Expect a decent stage show, inflatable hammers held high, and much cycling headbang.


It’s a nice coincidence that I’ve been growing my beard.



The one man army is back in Wacken after two years. The last show was doused in mud but it was still fun. They don’t have any new releases, either, but a band like Annihilator has enough songs to play complete different setlists many times over (Please play Sonic Homicide this time!!!).



Aura Noir is old-school as old-school goes. Still without compromise, the trio will serve us the well-known speed/black/trash from decades ago.



Batushka is a god-sent. Their single work “Litourgiya” came out in 2015, out of nowhere, and simply blew everyone away. Their heavy Orthodox chanting induced musical structure or crowded and ritualistic stage presence should not trick you; Batushka is extremely fine black metal underneath. And what a fine specimen of Polish extreme metal. The simple prospect of seeing them live makes me ecstatic like a 10 year old.



If you are tired of all the concerts ans stuff, you can go on a spiritual journey with Candlemass. Personally, I have not had the chance to watch them and I am looking forward to their ritual.


Omg omg heart heart heart



This is an exceptional band. Their crowded, bagpipe and heavy percussion playing and heavily costumed stage presence and trademark stunning medieval music is sure to amaze the audience.



Only German Show

I just have to lay back, read the name again over and over to digest the fact that I will, finally, see Emperor on stage. Ihsahn may have put Emperor to rest to follow a solo career, but he is also such a nice guy to still do live shows. I have missed every chance to see them live but 2017 will be it.



Another band which I have waited for years to watch live. It makes you feel so bad that such a great band has been so underrated throughout their career. I am sure they will put up a show worthy of them – and us.



Honestly, I have just discovered them with their latest album Sword Songs, and it really grew on me. They play heavy doom metal with pagan/viking themes. I am looking forward to their show.



Kadavar is as huge a success as Ghost in terms of their instant popularity. Both bands display musical  similarity although Ghost is on the dark side. Kadavar will show us the ways of the light side with their minimalist setup, catchy tunes and embracing sincerity. May the force be with us!



The Teutonic Lords are back with another fist of fury called Gods of Violence and they will spread it all across Wacken under the leadership of Mighty Mille Petrozza. Expect the classics, the new stuff from the new album, crowdsurfing, moshpits and walls of death.



Not much has been left unsaid about (The True) Mayhem, one of the bands (if not the band) to set the standards of the second-wave (or Norwegian) black metal. Unlike the majority of the extreme metal bands though, the early Mayhem had severe difficulty in dissociating fantasy from reality, resulting in the infamous early 90’s that saw Dead’s suicide, concert incidents and the single album that changed it all, “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”. The first ten years containing several demo’s, an EP, a live album and the aforementioned studio album, largely acclaimed as the classic era of Mayhem was brought to an end by the murder of Euronymous. Founding bassist Necrobutcher, long-time drummer Hellhammer and vocalist Attila still pursue Mayhem, still with ever-changing line-ups (with the total number of musicians nearing 20). Leaving the cult where it was, probably rightly so, the new band ventured into much experimental pastures, receiving both harsh criticism (Grand Declaration of War) and acclaim (Ordo ad Chao). And now they are touring to play that masterpiece De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety, with no less than 3 (ok maybe 2) actual musicians present. An experience of a lifetime, especially for those who missed all that in the early 90’s. Still, it will be interesting to see the new Mayhem play the old one.



Probably following the man for more than 20 years now so I guess I should be ready for a live presence. I may be wrong.



Seen them in Istanbul. Jumped a lot. Hurt my right knee in the process. No regrets. Will do again.



Post-Youthanasia Megadeth has been receiving ever so falling praise and we saw a constant shift in line-up, leaving Dave Mustaine, who Megadeth was all about honestly. David Ellefson and his sweet basslines have returned and 2016’s Dystopia is a glimmer of hope that Megadeth is back. Maybe more wrinkly and pot-bellied, but Mustaine and his friends are as fierce and artistic as ever, dead-cert to offer us another feast in classical thrash metal.



Perhaps the band that brought the sweetest doom-infused death metal moments to our ears, Morbid Angel has consistently produced fabulous albums. Except “Illud…” which was played by another band with the same name, but with extremely less talent and creativity. The band saw some 20+ musicians come and go, with Trey Azagtoth leading through the whopping 34 years of activity. And it is his insane vision and artistic mastery that sustained the sound of Morbid Angel that we all know and love. Sadly, long-serving musicians Erik Rutan and David Vincent are gone now. Maybe even sadder, one of the fastest death metal drummers Pete “Commando” Sandoval was also recently forced to leave due to health issues. WOA 2017 will see the 3rd front man helm of Steve Tucker, along with new recruits in drums and guitars, accompanying Trey Azagtoth.



I am a sucker for old bands and as a result, the inventors of grindcore are in my focus – and so should be in yours, too. I watched them in W:O:A 2007 and had the chance to meet Barney, who was a really cool guy. Still full of energy, they are bound to destroy the stage with their blastbeats, aggression and unintelligible lyrics.



Possessed is the founder of death metal genre both with their sound and their track named “Death Metal”. Make no mistake, I am talking about 1985! I had the glorious chance to watch them 10 years ago at W:O:A 2007 and also met Jeff Becerra! He is the real deal. He is probably the most energetic and most humble frontman ever! This show is an absolute must. No matter which genre you listen to, make sure you add them to your own running order to watch the day-1 of death metal.



The former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss has a Manowar setlist which will make up for a Manowar show at W:O:A. Remove colored clothing, ready your leathers and raise your fists high!



Another band reminding me of W:O:A 2007. An absolute must-see for die-hard thrashers.



Warrel Dane! Probably better known as the awesome singer for Nevermore is actually back in his old band. Decent heavy, groove, prog metal from US.



Tankard is your number one go-to band if you just wanna drink and listen to matching music. The Frankfurter Kings of Beer has their new album out and I am sure they will deliver a show to remember.



Büyükşehir Çalışıyor! / Wacken Under Construction

infield_baustelle_1Wacken Open Air her sene evsahipliği yaptığı efsanevi gruplarla dünyanın en büyük metal festivali. Wacken deyince ilk akla gelen birkaç şey süper gruplar, biletlerin anında tükenmesi ve tabi ki yağmur/çamur. Bu son ikili artık Wackenın alameti farikası olmuş durumda. Öyle ki Wacken’ın resmi videolarında ve fotoğraflarında bile çamur içinde yuvarlanan metalciler önemli yer tutuyor. Yağmur/çamurdan keyif alan çok metalci olduğu gibi kaçamadığı için mecburen zevk almaya çalışanlar da var. Fotoğraflar ve videolar eğlenceli olsa da davulun sesi uzaktan hoş gelir prensibi gereği, o çaamurun içinde üç gün geçirmek hiç de kolay ve keyifli değil. Zaten metal sevdasından başka bir şey bu rezilliğe katlanmamızı sağlayamazdı herhalde.

Wacken Open Air yönetimi bu çamur olayına bir dur demeyi düşünmüş ve kolları sıvayıp koca festival alanına (Infield) drenaj sistemi kurma işine girmiş. Amaç alanda yağmur sonrası bataklık ve gölet oluşumunu engellemek. Drenaj sistemi sadece borular ve kanallardan değil aynı zamanda bitkilerden de oluşuyor. Normal çim festival alanı için uygun olmadığı için Infield’a toprağı daha iyi havalandıran ve geçirgenliği arttıran yonca ve hardal tohumu ekilecek. Devasa bir bütçe gerektirdiği belli olan bu çalışma ile daha kuru bir alanda metalimizi icra edebileceğiz. Emeği geçenlere teşekkür ediyoruz. Aşağıda resmi bültenin Türkçesini bulabilirsiniz:


Normalde “Holy Wacken Land” olarak bilinen dünyanın en büyük festivaline ev sahipliği yapan Infield bölgesi bu sonbaharda ay yüzeyine dönmüş durumda. Alanda geniş çaplı drenaj ve özel işlem çalışmaları sürüyor. 

Wacken, 3 Kasım 2016 – Son iki yıldır Wacken Open Air yağmur ve çamura teslim olmuş durumdaydı. Su düzgün bir şekilde akamıyor ve alttaki toprağı pütürlü hale getiriyordu. Organizatör Holger Hübner konuyu “son birkaç yılda “Holy Wacken Land” ve ziyaretçilerimizden beklentilerimizin sınırına ulaşmış durumdaydık” şeklinde açıklıyor.  Bu yüzden şirket kapsamlı bir onarım süreci için yatırım yapmaya karar verdi.

İlk onarım aşamasında alan kazıldı ve düzeltildi. Son yıllarda zeminde oluşan stres sebebiyle ortaya çıkan çukurluk ve yükseklikler çok sayıda kepçe, traktör ve buldozer kullanılarak giderildi. Su bu çukur bölgelerde toplanıyor ve tahliye olamıyordu.

İkinci aşamada ise mevcut drenaj sistemi genişletildi ve geliştirildi. Bu amaçla, tüm alanın yüzey suyunu emecek geniş kuru drenli (yağmur suyunu yer altında toplayan bir tampon) bir kanal inşa edildi. Su, bu sayede zemine etkin bir biçimde işleyebilecek. Bu alanın da dolması durumunda, tahliye sisteminin kapasitesini artıran başka bir geniş su deposu bulunmakta. Su deposunun taşması durumunda ise su doğrudan Kiel Kanalı’na aktarılabilecek.

Üçüncü aşama alanın ekilmesi ile ilgili. Deneyimler, normal çimlerin uzun vadede bir festivalin gerekliliklerine ayak uyduramayacağını göstermiştir. Bu nedenle, çimenlerin yanında yonca ve hardal tohumlarının ekilmesine karar verildi. Hardal bitkilerinin derin kökleri iyi havalandırılmış bir toprak sağlar ve sıkışmış toprağı parçalayıp doğal bir drenaj olarak işlevi görür. Ancak, Infield’ın diğer alanlarına ekim yapılmadı ve festival alanını ve kanalları emniyet altına almak için çakıllarla sabitlendi.

Altyapı çalışmaları videoları:


Tüm altyapı çalışmalarının etkisi Wacken Open Air 2017’de kendisini gösterecek. W:O:A® biletleri http://www.metaltix.com ve Metaltix-hotline +49 4827-999 666 66’dan temin edilebilir. Normal üç günlük bilet fiyatı masraflar dahil (artı kargo ve sistem ücreti) 220 €.

Detaylı bilgi için http://www.wacken.com

English Version

infield_baustelle_3Wacken Open Air is the biggest metal festival in the world with the amazing bands they host every year. Wacken immediately reminds one of superb bands, instantly sold-out tickets and of course rain/mud. This duo is probably the trademark of the festival so much so that metalheads rolling in the mud have a good share in the official photos and videos of W:O:A. While Some of those metalheads truly enjoy rain/mud, others simply have to put up with it since there is no other way. The photos and videos of mud seem fun but when you experience it first hand in the field you come to realize that spending three days in that mud is neither easy nor as much fun as it seems. I guess it van be no other than our love for metal to bear those conditions.

Wacken management has decided to stop the mud and took up a massive construction to install a drainage system in the vast festival area, i.e. Infield. The goal is to prevent the formation of ponds and bogs in the field after the rain. The drainage system will not only consist of canals and pipes but also plants. The Infield will be planted with clover and mustard seeds as they allow the soil to be better aerated than grass by increasing its permeability. This work, which obviously requires a huge budget will allow us metalheads to have fun on a drier ground. Thanks to everyone in this project for their efforts. Below is the official bulletin on the construction:


It is known as the “Holy Wacken Land”, but during this autumn the infield in Wacken, where the world’s biggest heavy metal festival takes place, looked like a moonscape. Large Infrastructure measures for drainage and securing the area required special treatment. 

Wacken, 2016, November 3rd During the last two years the Wacken Open Air was drawn by rain and mud. The water could not flow off properly and made the subsoil gritty. “Over the last few years, we have reached the limits of what we can expect from our “Holy Wacken Land” and the visitors,” says organizer Holger Hübner. For this reason, the company invested in comprehensive construction measures.

The first construction phase consisted of excavations and straightening of the area.  Several   excavators,   tractors   and   bulldozers   were   used   to   remove   sinks   and elevations which had deformed the ground due to the stresses of recent years. So the water had accumulated in the sinks and could not drain off.

In the second phase of the conversion, the already existing drainage was expanded and conceptually improved.  For  this  purpose,  a  canal  with  large  blind  drain  (an underground  buffer  store  for  rainwater)  has  been  built  which  can  absorb  the surface  water  of  the  entire  site.  There, the water can selectively and effectively seep away in the ground. If this area is also filled up, there is another large water storage, which increases the capacity of the disposal system. In case of an overflow of this water storage, the water can be directed directly into the Kiel Canal.

The third phase is concerned with the planting of the field. Experience has shown that  normal  grass  cannot  stand  the  requirements  of  a  festival  in  the  long  term. Therefore  the  decision  was  made  to  plant  clover  and  mustard  seed  next  to  field grass. The deep roots of the mustard plants ensure a well aerated soil and break down  soil  compaction  –  and  it  works  as  a  natural  drainage.  Other areas of the infield, however, were no longer planted, but fixed with gravel to secure the festival ground and the channels of supply.

Podcast about the infrastructural measures:

All the infrastructural measures will show their effects during the Wacken Open Air 2017. Tickets for the W:O:A® are exclusively available at http://www.metaltix.com and the Metaltix-hotline +49 4827-999 666 66. The regular 3-day-ticket costs 220 € incl. fees (plus shipping + system fee).

More information at http://www.wacken.com




Wacken Metal Battle yeniden açıldı ve tüm dünyadan gruplar 2017 metal etkinliği için başvuru yapabilirler.

Wacken, Ekim 21, 2016 – Büyük ve gürültülü bir kitle önünde çalmak, dünyanın en büyük metal festivalinde eğlenmek. Tüm dünyadaki grupların rüyası. Yakında rüyalarınız gerçek olacak. Yeni Wacken Metal Battle geldi çattı.  Gruplar başvurularını gönderip bu büyük yarışmaya katılabilirler.

Yarışmaya katılmak isteyen gruplar için koşullar: Grubun bir albümünün ya da konser anlaşmasının olmaması ve yakın gelecekte bir şirket ile anlaşacak durumda olmaması. Ayrıca katılımcıların kendi şarkılarından oluşan 30 dakikalık bir seti rahatlıkla çalabilecek durumda olması ve yarışmaya daha önceki yıllarda katılmamış olması.

Wacken Metal Battle proje lideri Sascha Jahn’ın açıklamasına göre, “başvurular National Metal Battle Department adresine gönderilmeli. Başvurularda, 3-4 şarkılık bir demo CD’si, bir fotoğraf, grup bilgisi ve iletişim adresi yer almalı”. Jahn ayrıca “katılan tüm gruplar http://www.metal-battle.tv adlı YouTube kanalının bir parçası olma ve kendilerini ve müziğini dünyaya tanıtma şansı yakalayacaklar” diye ekliyor. Ülke promotörlerinin listesine www.metal-battle.com/contact/ adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Wacken Metal Battle, metal gruplarını yeraltından çıkartan uluslararası bir müzik yarışmasıdır.  Yaklaşık 30 farklı ülke Wacken Open Air’da büyük finalde birbiri ile yarışmaktadır. Şu anda çok iyi bilinen bazı Metal Battle birincileri: Drone, Torture Squad, Battle Beast ve Hammercult. Hepsi kariyerlerini Wacken Metal Battle’da başlattılar.


The Wacken Metal Battle is starting again and bands from all over the world have the chance to apply for the metal rumble in 2017.

Wacken, October 21, 2016 – Playing in front of a large cheering crowd, having fun on the stage of the biggest Heavy Metal festival in the world. That is the dream of many metal bands from all over the world. Their dream might come true, soon. The next round of Wacken Metal Battle is upon us.  Bands now have the chance to hand in their applications and participate in this worldwide contest.

There are several conditions to meet if bands are interested in being part of the competition: The band isn’t allowed to have a record or booking deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future. Also the participants have to be able to easily play a 30 minute set consisting of their own songs and have not started in the competition the years before. 

“The applications needed to be sent to the address of the National Metal Battle Department. It should contain a demo CD with 3-4 songs, a photo, a band info and contact address”, says Sascha Jahn, the project leader of Wacken Metal Battle and adds:  “All participating bands have the chance to be part of the YouTube Channel http://www.metal-battle.tv and therefore have the chance to present themselves and their music to a bigger audience worldwide”, says Jahn. A list of all country promoters can be found on www.metal-battle.com/contact/

The Wacken Metal Battle is an international music contest for uprising metal bands from the underground. Around 30 different countries compete against each other at the grand finale at the Wacken Open Air. Some of the winners of the Metal Battle are now well known bands, such as: Drone, Torture Squad, Battle Beast and Hammercult. They all started their career at the Wacken Metal Battle.

W:O:A 2016’yı Nasıl Kaçırdık / How We Missed W:O:A 2016

Tam Başlık:
W:O:A 2016’yı Nasıl Kaçırdık Yahut: Mevsim Bahar Olunca

Full Title:
The Tragic Tale of How We Missed W:O:A 2016 or: Listen to Skáphe

2015’e geri sar…

1 Ağustos, gece: W:O:A 2015’in son gecesi. Benim ilk, Volkan’ın dördüncü deneyimi. Tamamen bitiğiz. Doğa şartlarına karşı mücadele etkisini gösteriyor. Bacaklar bitkin, boyun tutuk, kulaklar çınlıyor ve genel bir “batarya bitmek üzere” halindeyiz. Mantıklı olan eve dönmek ve bir daha dönmemek olurdu. Ama biz çoktan 2016 için planlar yapıyorduk.

Ağustos sonu – Eylül: Ministry? Oooo. Triptykon? Vaaay. Iron Maiden? Evet! 1349? Aaaa. Ihsahn? Vayamk. Testament? Mutluluk gözyaşları.


Mayısa kadar: Doğru düzgün bir çadır gerek. Şimdi 3 kişiyiz doğru düzgün 2 çadır gerek. Balıkçı çizmeleri. Erken varmamız gerek.

Mayıs: Şimdi 2 kişiyiz. 1 doğru düzgün çadır gerek.

Haziran: Kankacım acele etmemiz gerek. Uçak biletleri, vize falan.  Running order’ı incelemeye başla. Bakalım, Ihsahn mı, Blind Guardian mı? Ahahahaha…

Haziran sonu: Vizem geldi. Hala resmi VIP basın akreditasyonunu bekliyoruz. Uçak biletleri için geç kalmaya ve sabırsızlanmaya başladık. Tatilde bile mail kontrol ediyoruz. Volkan bir geceliğine ziyaretime geldi. Yine yolculuk planı yapamadık. Muhteşem ötesi harika sayfam winterwhenyoufreeze.wordpress.com için röportaj tasarlıyorum. Hatta müzik turizmi üzerine bir de makale planı var.

15 Temmuz (gündüz): Sonunda son planı son haline getirip bilet almaya çalışıyoruz, biletler de sayfa her hata verdiğinde biraz daha pahalı hale geliyor. Sonunda Berlin’e 2 bilet alabildik. Berlin – Hamburg arası yolculuğu planlıyoruz. Dönüş biletlerini almayı erteledik.

15 Temmuz (gece): Askeri darbe girişimi. İlk kişisel ve ulusal tehdit korkusunun ardından ikinci bir korkuya kapılıyoruz. Wacken’ı kaçırabiliriz. Üzgün surat. Ama Volkan umudunu koruyor.

18 Temmuz Pazartesi: İkinci bir emre kadar kamu personeli için genel yurtdışı çıkış yasağı. Korku şiddetleniyor. Tüm idari izinler iptal edildi ve izinliler geri çağrıldı. Korkunç gerçekle yüzleşiyorum. Volkan umudunu koruyor.

Temmuz sonu: Durumda değişiklik yok. Volkan umudunu kaybetmeyi reddediyor.

29 Temmuz: Biletlerin iptal ve iadesi için başvuruyoruz. Havayolu kamu personeli olduğumuza dair belge istiyor. Volkan’ın hala umudu var.

1 Ağustos: Uçuştan 1 gün önce. Havayolu iade yaptı. Volkan hala direniyor.

6 ağustos: W:O:A 2016’nın son günü. Düğündeyim. Gelin ve damadın “evet” dediği anlarda Triptykon çalıyor (hayııııııırrr!!!!!). Ben Ankara’nın bağlarını dinliyorum. Volkan umudunu kaybetti.

8 Ağustos: Mayhem? Muhteşem. Candlemass? Oooo. Kreator? Neden olmasın?

Çadır gerek.

Rewind to 2015…

Night, August 1st: Last day of W:O:A 2015. My first, Volkan’s 4th experience. Completely drenched. Struggling against the elements took its toll. Legs weary, neck stiff, ears ringing and in a total “battery critically low” state. Rational thing would be head back home, never to come back. But already we were planning for 2016.

Late August – September: Ministry? Oooh. Triptykon? Whoa. Iron Maiden? Fuck yes. 1349? Aaah. Ihsahn? Wow. Testament? (Trail of) Tears of joy.


Up to around May: We need a decent tent. Now we are 3. We need 2 decent tents. Fishing boots. We need to arrive early.

May: Now we are 2. We need 1 decent tent.

June: Dude we need to hurry. Plane tickets and visa and stuff. Start checking the running order. Hmmm… Ihsahn or Blind Guardian? Ahahahaha…

Late June: My visa arrives. Still waiting for the official VIP Press accreditation. Getting a little late and impatient for the plane tickets. Even during the holidays checking mail. Volkan visits for an overnight and we still can’t plan the travel. I’m planning on interviews for my amazingly awesome black metal blog winterwhenyoufreeze.wordpress.com. Even a tentative article on music tourism.

July 15th (day): We finally finalise the final plan and try to buy tickets, which get bit and bit more expensive each time the site gives an error. Finally buy two tickets to Berlin. Start planning transportation from Berlin to Hamburg. Postpone buying the return tickets.

July 15th (night): Military coup attempt! After the initial fear of personal and national security, the late fear sinks in. We might miss WOA 2016. Sad faces. But Volkan keeps his hopes up.

July 18th Monday: Total ban on international travel for civil servants until further notice. Fear intensifies. All administrative leaves cancelled & those on leave recalled. I start to come to terms with the grim reality. Volkan keeps his hopes up.

Late July: No change on the situation. Volkan refuses to give up hope.

July 29th: We apply for the refund of plane tickets. Airline requests certificate of being a civil servant. Volkan still has hope.

August 1st: One day before the intended flight. Airline refunds. Volkan is hanging on.

August 6th: Last day of W:O:A 2016. I am at a wedding. The bride & groom say “yes” as Triptykon is playing (Noooooo!!!). Volkan gives up.

August 8th: Mayhem? Sweet. Candlemass? Oooh. Kreator? Yes.

We need a tent.

W:O:A 2016 Basın Bülteni / Press Release

W:O:A 2016’nın ardından organizasyon bir basın bülteni hazırlayıp medya ortaklarına dağıttı. O basın bülteninin Türkçesini ve orijinal İngilizcesini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:

The promoters have prepared and distributed a press release to the media partners following W:O:A 2016. You can find the release in Turkish and English below:

WOA 2016 (3).jpg


Yılın en iyi metal partisi sona erdi! Wacken’ın yeşil tarlaları ve çevresi 27. kez Heavy Metal’in merkez üssü oldu.

It’s done – the best metal party of the year! For the 27th time the green fields and land around Wacken turned into the epicenter of Heavy Metal.

7 Ağustos 2016, Wacken –  54°01’41″N, 9°22’12″ E  –  tam bu koordinatlarda son üç gündür kesintisiz canlı metal sarsıntısı yaşandı. Wacken Open Air, 27. yıldönümünü harika konserler, sıra dışı bir program ve 75000 çılgın metalci ile kutladı. Bomba sanatçılar birbiri ardına sahne aldı: Perşembe günü “Unutulmaz Gece” ile Hard Rock’ın babalarına saygı duruşunda bulunuldu. Foreigner ve Whitesnake, metalcileri son durağı Iron Maiden olan bir zaman yolculuğuna çıkardı. İngiliz Heavy Metal efsanesi “The Book of Souls” Dünya turnesini Wacken’da noktaladı. Bu etkinlik sadece Wacken’daki değil, canlı yayın ile tüm dünyadaki metalcilerle birlikte kutlandı.  550.000 izleyici ile Alman festival sektöründe yeni bir canlı yayın rekoru kırılmış oldu.

Wacken, 2016, August 7th – 54°01`41″N, 9°22`12″ O – at these exact coordinates there have been constant live-metal-tremble during the last three days. The Wacken Open Air celebrated its 27th anniversary with great shows, an exclusive program and 75,000 reveling metalheads. At this party one highlight was followed by the other: The “Night to Remember” on Thursday payed a homage to the prime fathers of Hard Rock. Foreigner and Whitesnake took the metalheads on a journey through time which was ended by the one and only Iron Maiden. The British Heavy Metal legend finished their “The Book of Souls” world tour in Wacken. An event, which was not only celebrated with the Wacken metalheads but with the whole world via live stream. With more than 550,000 viewers, a new streaming record in the German festival sector was set up.

WOA 2016 (4)

Wacken’ın dünyadaki yeri yeni değil. Fakat Wacken Open Air Perşembe günü bir adım daha ileri gitti ve Saxon’un klasik “The Eagle Has Landed”ında kameralı ve W:O:A® logolu bir balon stratosfere gönderildi. Wacken artık evrende – Metalin kesinlikle sınırı yok!

Apropos: The fact that world is at home in Wacken is nothing new. But the Wacken Open Air went a step further on Thursday. During Saxon’s classic “The Eagle has Landed,” a weather balloon rose up to the stratosphere with a camera and the W:O:A® logo. Wacken in the universe – Metal clearly has no limits!

Cuma ve Cumartesi günleri de Blind Guardian, Steel Panther,  Twisted  Sister, Ministry,  Arch  Enemy gibi bombalarla devam edip metal rüyalarını gerçekleştirdi.

More Highlights kept coming on Friday and Saturday as bands like Blind Guardian, Steel Panther, Twisted Sister, Ministry, Arch Enemy and many more made metal-dreams come true.

Efsaneler asla ölmez: Lemmy Kilmister ve Ronnie James Dio W:O:A® 2016’daydı.

Legends never die: Lemmy Kilmister and Ronnie James Dio at the W:O:A® 2016

Festival bu sene iki efsanevi metal kahramanını çok özel bir şekilde andı. Organizatör, Aralık 2015’te hayata gözlerini yuman Motörhead frontman’i için 15 dakikalık bir duygusal video ve sahne animasyonu sundu. Festivalin sonunda, Cumartesi günü Dio Disciples’a sahnede çok özel biri eşlik etti. Efsanevi Ronnie James Dio hologram olarak sahneye geri döndü.

The festival remembered the two legendary metal heroes in a very special way this year.  The promoter dedicated an emotional 15 minute video and stage animation to the frontman of Motörhead who passed away in December 2015. At the end of the festival at Saturday Dio Disciples had a really special joining them on stage. The legendary Ronnie James Dio was resurrected to live as a hologram. 

Organizatörler ve yetkililer festivalden memnun kaldılar. Thomas Jensen’in açıklamaları şu şekilde: “Sonuçta müthiş bir zaman geçirdik. Hava koşulları nedeniyle bazı küçük sorunlar yaşasak da ortam harikaydı. Metalciler çok iyi zaman geçirdiler ve festivalin tadını çıkardılar. Kendimi tekrar etmiş gibi olsam da kesinlikle dünyadaki en iyi fanlara sahibiz.”

The promoter as well as the authorities are satisfied with the festival: “All in all we had a fantastic time”, said Thomas Jensen, one of the two promoters. “Even though we had a few problems due to the weather, the atmosphere was outstanding. The metalheads had a great time and just made the best of it.  I might repeat myself but we definitely have the best fans in the world.”

WOA 2016 (2).jpg

28. Wacken Open Air – 03 Ağustos – 05. Ağustos 2017

6 Ağustos’taki basın toplantısında organizatör Wacken Open Air 2017’de yer alacak olan ilk grupları açıkladı: Amon Amarth, Avantasia, Kreator, Mayhem, Saltatio Mortis, Paradise Lost, Heaven Shall Burn, Lacuna Coil, Powerwolf, Candlemass, Sonata Arctica ve Hämatom. Ön satışlar Pazar’ı Pazartesi’ye bağlayan gece başlıyor. X-Mas bileti tüm masraflar dahil (artı kargo ve sistem ücreti) 210€. Ayrıca ücretsiz bir W:O:A X-Mas tişörtü hediyeli. Normal 3 günlük kombine biletler masraflar dahil 220 € (artı kargo ve sistem ücreti). Biletler www.metaltix.com adresinden alınabilir.

At the press conference on August 6th, the promoter published the first bands who will play at the Wacken Open Air 2017: Amon Amarth, Avantasia, Kreator, Mayhem, Saltatio Mortis, Paradise Lost,   Heaven Shall Burn, Lacuna Coil, Powerwolf, Candlemass, Sonata Arctica and Hämatom.  The pre-sale starts in the night from Sunday to Monday at midnight. The X-Mas ticket is available for 210€ including fees (plus shipping and system fee). It includes a free W:O:A X-Mas shirt. The regular 3-Day-All-In-ticket costs 2200€ including fees (plus shipping and system fee).. Tickets are exclusively available at http://www.metaltix.com.

Wacken Open Air 2017 fragmanını aşağıda izleyebilirsiniz. Detaylı bilgi için www.wacken.com.

You can watch the trailer for the Wacken Open Air 2017 here. More information at http://www.wacken.com.