W:O:A 2018 Preview

W:O:A 2018 is a little over one month ahead of us and we have again selected some awesome bands to promote based on our personal music taste.  There are around one hundred bands and we recommend you check out the billing bands list and the running order carefully to make your plans.

Here we go…


Volkan: Do not miss these crazy Croatian guys to listen to your favourite tunes played with cellos
with perfect precision.


Volkan: The band’s last Wacken appearence was in 2015 where they played their Tales ffrom the
Thousand Lakes album in celabration of the 20th anniversary of the legendary release. This year they will probably play more from their latest release, xxxx, which is still fresh from the oven.

Özay: Poland is a very much acclaimed extreme metal country. And this is, in no small part, thanks to Behemoth. The prolific songwriter/singer/frontman and professional Bible basher Nergal & co. will kick so much ass, it’s just mouth-watering to imagine.


Volkan: Just like Amorphis, this will be the band’s next Wacken show after 2015. They played to a
crazy audience moshing in ankle-deep (even knee-deep in some pots) mud. We hope they will play in a finer weather this time. Brace your necks! George Fisher is coming!


Özay: Despite the advice that trying out your childhood legends leads to disappointment, I married my adolescence love and bought my childhood dream car. Both turned out to be amazing. Except the divorce that is. The point I’m getting at is, I’ve been an avid Danzig fan for more than 25 years now. I have all the albums (up to 6) and know almost all their lyrics by heart. I still put headbang to them from time to time. I have a f*cking Danzig tattoo on my back. This will be my first time actually seeing him live. It better blow my mind.


Volkan: Yet another band who has been absent from Wacken for a while. Always good to listen some quality German thrash metal at Wacken.


Özay: Long gone are the days of Stormblåst or Enthrone Darkness Triumphant and Dimmu Borgir continually turned into a symphonic black metal all-stars team / boyband of sorts with ridiculously over-the-top theatrics. The robust musical structure is still there, I will no doubt enjoy that, but I’m also hoping to enjoy those on-stage shenanigans as well.


Özay: What’s not to love about Enslaved? Norwegian black/Viking metal royalty will surely be a delight to our ears and an ache in our heads, but without the long(est) serving drummer behind the kit.


Özay: 2015 was my first pilgrimage, I was inexperienced, Epica took stage at 11 am ladi dadi da… missed it. Hopefully we will make up for that unfortunate miss this year and revel in Simone’s angelic voice.


Volkan: Basically, you love them or hate them. For the average, black metaller (see: Özay) they are a joke. I, for one, really like the band. Granted, they sound like diluted black metal but they definitely grew on me. Their latest release, Prequelle, sails more into the sea of pop, but Cardinal, on the other hand, seems to have brought with him more energy to the band. I would love to listen to their classics from the Cardinal.


Volkan: Finally, I dream come to true? I have never been able to watch them live and it will be an awesome experience. What’s more, Kiske and Hansen will share the same stage to play a legendary set of their best songs. This show is an absolute must for every metal fan.


Volkan: Their latest release is a killer album and one can only expect a perfect performance of some of these great songs together with their all time classics.


Volkan: For those who don’t know, Onkel Tom is the vocalist and bassist of Sodom – Tom Angelripper.
Onkel Tom is funny schlager songs played in thrash metal with great musicianship.
Onkel Tom is Schalke 04.
Onkel Tom is what you need with booze.
Onkel Tom is your go-to show if you wanna boost your Wacken experience.
As Onkel Tom says, Auf Nach Wacken!


Özay: I have written about Samael before. I can write on. This is a special band for me, one of my all-time favourites. I have also seen Samael before. Of course I want to see them over, and over, and over… (This last bit is also from a Samael song. You see what I did there?)


Özay: They may no longer be black or even metal, but Sólstafir equals so much coolness and obviously an unmissable stage presence.


I watched Steel Panther at W:O:A in 2014 and it was a show to see! They may be cracking the same jokes at each show, might look way too sissy but one thing is for sure that they have great songs and they do know how to entertain. Expect lots of sing-alongs, dirty talk, boobs and, most of all, fun!


Özay: Hoo-ah!



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