W:O:A 2017 Report – Day 3 (05.08.2017)


Özay: After rationing our energy in such an efficient and economical way (as the seasoned Wackeners we are) all through, and surviving the colossal happenings of Batushka, Emperor, Mayhem and Megadeth (and an equally colossal disappointment) we were prepared for the final day and the bitter farewell that would follow. We determined to limit the shows we should see, to fully appreciate the unmissable experiences. What’s more, the farewell would be Kreator. What else could one want?


Volkan: The creator of death metal is always disputed and it is hard to choose between Death and Possessed. Personally, I would say Possessed both in terms of year and the fact that they coined the genre name with their song “Death Metal”. I watched the band at W:O:A 2007 and this was a great coincidence to be able to watch them 10 years later. Although they played way too early in the morning for the average metalhead, there were some loyal fans by the presence of which Jeff Becerra seemed very happy and excited. He absolutely delivered his best and revealed that the new album is on the way – which is great news! Emilio Marquez – drums – is a true monster who feels every beat in his heart and puts his soul into the kit.


Özay: Why we love Alice Cooper

You may take stage at a heavy metal festival including Emperor, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Kreator and many more, and then you can upstage all of them at the age of 69. If you are Alice Cooper. And that’s exactly what happened at W:O:A 2017. His stage presence, antics, theatrics, communication with his band and crowd commands every second of your attention. You simply cannot look away. The well-known theatricality of his show, his accessories, players, stories and impeccable timing, all joy to behold. And all the while he sings away his setlist full of rock anthems, he gives all he has. That insane amount of energy and willingness to go all on probably put a certain individual to shame. Or not.

But that’s not why we love Alice Cooper. So much. He is, sincerely a sweet sweet guy. The amount of modesty and sincerity is unbelievable. He has such a rapport with his crowd that he barely needs to “say” anything. Instead of taking centre stage, he encourages all his band (three guitars, bass and drum) to step forward and shine. And that sentiment is best echoed on the t-shirt of the insanely talented lead guitarist Nita Strauss, which read “ego kills talent” (ironically, with a considerably stretched word “ego” that inescapably overshadowed “kills”). She played one killer of a solo and raised every single hair on us.

He sang all his songs, swung his famous baton and crotchets, got strapped in a straightjacket, came out of a box, got but back in it, received his shots from an evil nurse and finally took us all to school and blew it to pieces before medleying it into “another brick in the wall”. And just when we thought he couldn’t get any cooler, he threw a tribute to the late Lemmy and left the mic to Chuck Garric (bass) for the ace of spades.

We are so lucky.


Spend the Night intro

  1. Brutal Planet
  2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  3. Under My Wheels
  4. The World Needs Guts
  5. Woman of Mass Distraction
  6. Guitar Solo (Nita Strauss)
  7. Poison
  8. Halo of Flies
  9. Feed My Frankenstein
  10. Cold Ethyl
  11. Only Women Bleed
  12. Paranoiac Personality
  13. Ballad of Dwight Fry
  14. Killer (excerpt)
  15. I Love the Dead
  16. I’m Eighteen
  17. School’s Out (With snippet of Another Brick In The Wall Part 2)
  18. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover) (Chuck Garric on lead vocals)


Özay: Before or without saying anything about Amon Amarth, we should establish the fact that they are the ultimate live band. The gigantic horned helmet, sword and shield plays and such antics aside, the raw, crunchy, moderately melodic and extremely energising death metal produced by the Vikings is a riot. Throughout their stage there shall be none standing still. And once they explode with “The Pursuit of Vikings” the experience transcends beyond appreciating your favourite AA songs into one whole length euphoria.


  1. The Pursuit of Vikings
  2. As Loke Falls
  3. First Kill
  4. The Way of Vikings
  5. Cry of the Black Birds
  6. Deceiver of the Gods
  7. Father of the Wolf
  8. Death in Fire
  9. War of the Gods
  10. Raise Your Horns
  11. A Dream That Cannot Be (with Doro)
  12. Guardians of Asgaard


Twilight of the Thunder God


Özay: I admit. We are here to see Steve Harris. And we have seen Steve Harris in all his glorious Steve Harrisness. British Lion is quite fun, easy listening classical rock but besides including Steve Harris (who has occasionally been busy with the side project for a long time), the music is not really special.


  1. This Is My God
  2. Father Lucifer
  3. The Burning
  4. Spitfire
  5. The Chosen Ones
  6. Bible Black
  7. Last Chance
  8. Us Against the World
  9. A World Without Heaven
  10. Eyes of the Young


Volkan: The funniest and the most down-to-earth of the four Teutonic Thrash Metal legends, Tankard, put up a classic show of theirs full of beer, headbanging, thrashing, moshing and yelling. This is what’s awesome with Tankard: no matter how you feel or what genre of metal you like they can always entertain you. I had to leave early though as I had to cover a long distance in mud to the main stage for Kreator.


  1. Zombie Attack
  2. The Morning After
  3. Rapid Fire (A Tyrant’s Elegy)
  4. One Foot in the Grave
  5. I.B. (Rest in Beer)
  6. Chemical Invasion
  7. Rules for Fools
  8. A Girl Called Cerveza
  9. (Empty) Tankard


Volkan: It was raining hard and I barely made it to the photo-pit. The show started with Hordes of Chaos accompanied with excessive use of pyros which gave me an instant tan, worth of a two-week holiday in Antalya and a one-sided laser epilation of my eyebrows and eyelashes. The combination of cold winds and rain with the face-melting flames was a weird experience, indeed. The winds blowing over the pyros made them more intense on my face. When I got out of the photo pit to meet Özay, who was waiting for me outside the melting range of the pyros, I remember asking him about how bad my face looked as the first thing. Fortunately, it was OK.

Show-wise, Kreator is used to headlining Wacken and played like boss using their home field advantage and offered us a good farewell to the fest.


  1. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
  2. Phobia
  3. Satan Is Real
  4. Gods of Violence
  5. People of the Lie
  6. Total Death
  7. Mars Mantra
  8. Phantom Antichrist
  9. Fallen Brother
  10. Enemy of God
  11. From Flood into Fire
  12. Apocalypticon
  13. World War Now
  14. Hail to the Hordes
  15. Civilization Collapse
  16. The Patriarch
  17. Violent Revolution
  18. Pleasure to Kill

More W:O:A 2017 coming soon… (you know when)


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