W:O:A 2017 Report – Day 2 (04.08.2017)


Özay: Although filled with absolute highlights, the second day allowed us quite a comfortable window. We made use of that allowed time with meet & greet and Wackinger Village & shopping tours. Volkan met Sanctuary and Memoriam, took loads of photos, made friends and we even got autographed goodies. Wackinger Village was as fun as ever and we spent quite some time in the Wastelands, banging alongside some fun industrial metal. Our (rather extensive) shopping tour was frequently interrupted by the trademark Wacken downpour but that allowed us more time to look through in the shops we took shelter. Amazing stuff there. Loads of (hard to find) CD’s & vinyl, gorgeous clothes & accessories and whatnot. I almost bought a super cool metal leather jacket but the tight-arse in me got the upper hand and I didn’t. Maybe I should’ve.


Volkan: I consider myself a big Bolt Thrower fan (well, not as much as Kürşat can be) and I regret not ever being able to watch them live. They disbanded soon after the passing of drummer Martin Kearns in 2015. Karl Willets, the legendary death metal vocalist, formed another band called Memoriam together with the ex-Bolt Thrower drummer Andy Whale and they released their first album in 2016. They naturally sound like Bolt Thrower but somehow something is missing. I don’t know if it is on purpose or because they cannot get the same vibe but the two bands are not alike. To me Memoriam sounds weaker but that could be me.

Anyways, this was a good opportunity to watch the mighty death metal veterans although under a different name. They have only one release and played songs only from that album. It was very early when they took the stage and they played before a few people by Wacken standards. Karl Willets jokingly complained about their early stage time during our meeting at the meet&greet session. He is a very nice guy and was kind enough to autograph my Warmaster CD cover together with Andy Whale.


Volkan: As much as I love the band, they clashed with Memoriam and I had to make a tough decision. Well, Memoriam won because of my deep respect for Bolt Thrower, but I was really sorry to miss Kadavar all the same. We literally ran to Kadavar soon after Memoriam was done and was able to catch the last song which was a blast. They have huge energy and as a three-piece band they know how to make the most of their instruments. Add the beautiful arrangements and a charismatic vocal, and voila! I hope I will be able to fully watch them some other time.


Özay: The experienced Wackeners that we are, we can now catch the early noon shows. Lacuna Coil took stage around 12, we were around and thought why not. They had some quite decent songs back in the day but I must tell you, few things on the face of our awesome blue and green planet go sour as quickly as LC does. While the overall structure of female vocal-led light metal is listenable though generic, as soon as the mallcore sections kick off, blood from your ears starts oozing out.

Volkan: Blood started oozing out of my ears pretty quickly. As much as I love Cristina Scabbia, I can’t stand Andrea Ferro’s vocals. We gave it a listen for the sake of the band’s good old days and songs which were not obviously enough to keep us going.


  1. Ultima Ratio
  2. Spellbound
  3. Die & Rise
  4. Heaven’s a Lie
  5. Blood, Tears, Dust
  6. My Demons
  7. Ghost in the Mist
  8. Trip the Darkness
  9. Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
  10. Our Truth
  11. Nothing Stands in Our Way
  12. Zombies
  13. The House of Shame


Volkan: I could never imagine the sorrow I would feel when writing about Sanctuary. Nevermore is/was one of my all-time fave bands and luckily for me I had got to see them twice before. This was my first Sanctuary show and I was really excited for the experience and to see Warrel Dane one more time – who would have thought that it would be the last :(. The band delivered their best in a quite early time of the day to dedicated fans. As you all know, Warrel Dane passed away on December 13th , 2017. Wacken 2017 performance of Sanctuary was the last show Warrel Dane put up, and that’s why this show will never be forgotten and become a part of heavy metal history. I hope we will be able to see the whole show on a DVD as a tribute to a great voice of heavy metal.

I had met Warrel Dane at Wacken 2014 when he performed with Nevermore. This time, after the show, I waited the long autograph queue just to get another photo and autographs on my CD collection from Dane and co. As I put down my Nevermore CD covers in front of Warrel Dane, he began signing them and Attila Vörös (the guitarist) pointed to one of the albums (probably Dreaming Neon Black, don’t remember now) and said that it was his favourite album and asked me which one was my favourite. I named Dead Heart in a Dead World and The Politics of Ecstasy as my favourites to which Warrel nodded and said “I guess I would have to agree with you”. Now, you never know if it was a courtesy statement or his true opinion but it certainly made me feel good to share the same thing with him. Even if it was courtesy, it means that he is (was) kind to his fans. We will miss you greatly Warrel. Thank you for the fantastic albums and your amazing sorrowful yet aggressive voice. You will live on in our hearts as much as Dio, Lemmy, Chuck and all the others we have lost. Farewell…

2017-08-04_(0868)_Wacken_Day2_Sanctuary Autograph



Volkan: The band has quite a number of albums in their career but I, personally, got into them with their Sword Songs. Although I like double guitars, I am a fool for three-piece bands (Motörhead, Sodom, Kadavar, etc.). They simply rock and this cannot be a mere coincidence. Similarly, Grand Magus, with their simple yet catchy tunes got me in their web. The show was really awesome and everybody in the tent sang along, which was a sight to see.


  1. I, The Jury
  2. Varangian
  3. On Hooves of Gold
  4. Steel Versus Steel
  5. Like the Oar Strikes the Water
  6. Forged in Iron – Crowned in Steel
  7. Iron Will
  8. Hammer of the North


Özay: Seriously? (Probably) the greatest black metal act ever on stage, what could possibly be sweeter? Photo pit pass is. After waiting out the intro (the oath) and the mind blowing show opener “Ye Entrancemperium”, I was about half a metre away from the stage, taking pictures and witnessing the colossal black metal happening right in front of me. Emperor is what it always has been, making a full stage presence and electrifying the whole audience. It was simply an honour to take a front seat. Ihsahn is a rare human being in being so incredibly talented, creative and influential all the while being so humble and human-like in his appearance. He obviously takes his art seriously, but not himself. He humbly thanked all the bands that he shared the stage with, as well as the audience for our support and just was a kind man all through. Just the fact that they still bestow concerts upon us, so many years after they disbanded is commendable. Thank you.

Volkan: Dude, you f***in’ look like Ihsahn.


Intro – Alsvartr (The Oath)

  1. Ye Entrancemperium
  2. Thus Spake the Nightspirit
  3. Ensorcelled by Khaos
  4. The Loss and Curse of Reverence
  5. The Acclamation of Bonds
  6. With Strength I Burn
  7. The Wanderer


  1. Curse You All Men!
  2. I Am the Black Wizards
  3. Inno a Satana

Outro: Opus a Satana


Özay: A major heavy metal event would be incomplete without the old and grumpy Dave Mustaine and his merry men; just face it. You may know each line, riff and solo by memory, you may have watched them umpteen times, but still, fucking Megadeth. An interesting point; we’re used to bands saving their more kick-ass songs towards the end but so many bands kicked off with them now. Megadeth? Opened with Hangar 18. Sweet. Once you are as industrious as Megadeth, selecting a setlist will be headache, and even with 16 songs some classics will be left out but I always will rue omission of the unbelievably underrated Youthanasia.

Volkan: Hangar 18!


(Intro) Prince of Darkness

  1. Hangar 18
  2. Wake Up Dead
  3. In My Darkest Hour
  4. The Threat Is Real
  5. Sweating Bullets
  6. Conquer or Die!
  7. Lying in State
  8. Poisonous Shadows
  9. Trust
  10. Fatal Illusion
  11. Tornado of Souls
  12. Dystopia
  13. Symphony of Destruction
  14. Mechanix
  15. Peace Sells


  1. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

(Outro) Silent Scorn



Volkan: This was where Özay and I had to split so that he could watch Marilyn Manson – yes, seriously. I headed for the humble tent for the good old Candlemass and I must say it was worth it. It was the last day of the show and I was not in a mood to bang my head – fortunately that’s not a requirement for Candlemass. I just leaned on the rails and flew myself away and above to the transcending tunes of the band. This is the doom metal I like: heavy doom. Not beauty&beast bullshit doom. You (or we) can be a fan of Messiah Marcolin but Matt Leves sang very nicely and his awesome t-shirt read: “He is not the Messiah. He is a very naughty boy”.


  1. Intro (Gothic Stone)
  2. The Well of Souls
  3. Codex Gigas
  4. At the Gallows End
  5. Samarithan
  6. Intermission (Marche Funebre)
  7. Dark Are the Veils of Death
  8. Mourners Lament
  9. Bewitched


Özay: I was so badly torn apart between (a once in a lifetime opportunity to see) Candlemass and MM. As a boy growing up, I listened to my MM CD’s and kept listening about his incredible on stage antics. So I had to see that. And as the selfless WackenTurk team, we could cover both shows so I grudgingly sent Volkan to see Candlemass and stayed. Oh how wrong was I. After such dedicated performances from the more seasoned musicians (like Megadeth & Accept) and also before the 69 year-old Alice Cooper sent us to school, what we had here was a fattened, bored, tired and disillusioned version of an artist formerly known as Marilyn Manson. After appearing about half an hour late, playing the depressed teenager’s anthem “The End” in its entirety, and fuming the entire audience, they finally took stage in such underwhelming and under-impressive fashion, playing one song and resting for one. There’s a stupid saying that goes you shouldn’t live your childhood dreams. I saw Nine Inch Nails and it was fucking amazing.

Volkan: No, thank you.


(Intro) The End (The Doors song)

  1. Revelation #12
  2. This Is the New Shit
  3. Disposable Teens
  4. Great Big White World
  5. The Dope Show
  6. No Reflection
  7. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics cover)
  8. We Know Where You Fucking Live
  9. Say10
  10. The Beautiful People
  11. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

Day 3 coming soon… (yeah, right)


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